RVAhereafter Bone Jewelry

We are showcasing some of The RVAhereafter’s unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces. All items are handcrafted with real teeth and bones.

Based in Richmond , VA, The RVAhereafter focuses on making the best pieces possible. They handcraft everything from beauchene skulls and art to custom jewelry and commissioned pieces, just email them at TheRVAhereafter@gmail.com to have them create a one of kind piece for you.

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Color Resin Framed Rat Jawbone Bracelet – $30

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Fox Bone with Turquoise Stone Earrings – $30


Red Fox Vertebrae Earrings – $25


Opossum Jawbone on Suede Cord Necklace – $20


Deer Tooth Necklace with Rose Accent – $25


Color Resin Framed Deer Tooth Necklace – $25


Resin Encased and Mounted Rat Skull Necklace – $35


Resin Encased Deer Tooth Necklace – $30